Instant Estimates (UK)

It can be difficult to get an estimate without inviting a double glazing salesman into your home. Such visits are never with no strings attached. You might not be obliged to buy, but you will be obliged to listen. Expert salesmen will look for family photos or any other way to start a conversation gambit to get your attention or sympathy. This will be followed by a whole litany of carefully practiced ploys to get you to sign up. Sometimes this is all too much hassle - you simply don't have that level of interest or the time to waste. You just want a ball park figure of what it might cost if you for example you were thinking of buying uPVC patio windows or replacing an old window upstairs.

One easy way to start your researches is to go to:

The link is for a UK company based in Kent in the south of England. You can simply input the measurements of the uPVC window you want along with the style you are after and the site will automatically give you a list of prices. The advantage of this system is that it is completely up-to-date. From this you will gain an idea of how much the home improvement you are considering is going to cost. When you do bring in a local uPVC contractor or salesperson you will be armed with more idea of possible costs.