When looking at the prices of uPVC windows it is essential to consider a number of issues:

It is very hard to give exact prices for any window product because many variables are involved such as: glazing type, window type, lock type, installation, size and shipping costs. Also door to door sales people rely on commissions to make up the short falls in their salaries.

Instead I will cite a few case scenarios and the prices people paid to give the reader a ball park figure for what their intended uPVC window may cost.

1) A 6 sided bay window with top opening window including installation cost £1,500 ($2,300 or €1,738). This example doesn't give the dimensions of the window unfortunately.

A cost consideration with uPVC windows is the necessity of installing supporting beams for the roof of the bay because uPVC cannot support heavy loads. Another cost factor is how many opening windows you want - the more windows that open in a bay window setting, the more the cost will be.

In other forums people claim to have bought and had fitted bay windows for £1,000 ($1,500 or €1,160).

2) It is also possible to get quotes to replace all the timber frame windows and doors in your house with uPVC. This is often a good value option, especially if the job doesn't include bay windows. One company in Wales, UK offers to do 10 uPVC windows and 2 uPVC doors for £5,150 ($7,910 or €5,970).

3) Installation of French doors, back and front doors and 7 windows in Liverpool, UK cost £3,600 ($5,535 or €4,172).

For the whole list of prices for buying and installing windows in the UK go to www.whatprice.co.uk