Before staring this review page it is worth pointing out a few simple truisms. Don't be rushed into signing a contract, especially if it is one offered by a door to door salesman. Any attempt to hurry you into agreeing to a price is invariably a sales trick. If you invite a salesman into your house and he or she doesn't leave after the first time you ask them to go then threaten to call the police. The best advice you can get is from someone who has had uPVC windows installed. If you have a neighbour with uPVC windows ask them who they got them from and what the company was like. Remember a personal recommendation is better than any review on the internet. Companies are not above writing their own glowing reviews on the internet, nor are they above writing scathing reviews of their competitors. Sadly it seems the list for bad suppliers of uPVC windows and doors is far longer than for those suppliers with good reviews. Never rush. Get several quotes. Ask around.

We've heard lots of good things about the following two suppliers of uPVC windows.

1) Enviroglaze have a solid reputation with an overwhelming number of good reviews. People report that they are not the cheapest but that Enviroglave do a good, professional job and all their staff are very helpful.

2) Britelight Windows. This British company have received nearly unanimously good reviews about the quality of their uPVC windows and their installation service. They also do conservatories and porches.


The following are a list of recommended suppliers for the United States of America.

1) Gorell Windows and Doors. This company has a wide distribution network throughout the northeast, midwest and southern regions of the states. They offer Federal Agency Tax Credits on some of their uPVC products and are certified by Energy Star and Green Seal.

2) 1st Choice Windows, Doors and Trim are a directory of reputable window suppliers in the California region. They are also Energy Star Certified. They represent such established manufacturers as Milgard and American Integrity.

3) Quantum2 offers a network of highly reputable home improvement dealers for vinyl or uPVC windows.

uPVC Suppliers With Bad Reviews in the UK

1) Amdega Conservatories of the UK gets a considerable number of bad reviews, mainly about their installation services.

2) Perfect Glazing Glasgow or Perfect Glazing Scotland seems to get very mixed reviews. It seems that they are cheap. Some people claim they did a fine job while others are in the process of suing the company. Again it is complaints about poor installation and terrible customer service.

3) Advanced Double Glazing Windows and Conservatories, East Kilbride is another Scottish company with more bad reviews than good. Complaints after workmen arriving late and doing bad jobs.

4) Weatherseal.co.uk gets a near universal thumbs down from reviewers. There are several particularly worrying reviews about this company trying to bully people into buying their product.

5) Everest Windows are another company worth steering clear of. People complain about late workmen and the wrong size windows, late deliveries etc.

6) Zenith Staybrite are a big company. It seems that often they have done a decent job fitting uPVC windows. However, they have very aggressive salesmen who start at very high quotes of £20,000 or more and miraculously go down to as little as £6,000. This type of over-pricing is designed to prey on worried old people who are too polite and timid to say 'no'.

7) Anglican Home Improvements are a big nationwide supplier of uPVC bay windows. They make their windows with welded joints rather then screws for extra strength. They also do French doors and patio doors. Anglican has a 10 year warranty on all its window products. Unfortunately, many people have complained about pushy salesmen, unco-operative staff and bad workmanship

uPVC Cleaning Products Reviews

From Telly Addict

I have used a range of cleaning products (including £5 a throw UPVC cleaner from John Lewis) to try and get the dirt out of our white plastic UPVC window frames. I recently tried the Flash Mark and Stain Eraser and they are fab! Gets all the ingrained stains out, including rust marks. I was very impressed.

The Erasers are currently on sale in Asda at 98p for two as they are being discontinued in our branch (Chatham). Worth stocking up on as they also get wax crayon off most surfaces that my 2 yo has applied it to (which is the reason I had them in the house). They were also reduced in Wilkinson recently - possibly to the same price. I hope they're not being discontinued everywhere?

From Ticklemouse

I use good old Astonish, the paste in a tub, £1 from the pound shops. You can also get it in Orange fragrance now (use that in my bathroom) I find if you need something more than just water and elbow grease, that does the job, then wipe off with a clean cloth. Lovely and clean UPVc once more.

From Leemina

I usually wipe down my UPVC window and door frames with warm water and a squirt of washing liquid, anyone any other ideas that will clean them?

From Juicey_Tube

Just clean mine with Jif/Cif and that does the trick for me.

From Cleaning_Junky

The best thing to clean your upvc with is baby wipes.

From Avidhousewife45:

Try either vinegar and paper towels or a mixture of amonia (2 oz) with 4 oz of rubbing alcohol and 8 oz of water. Don't mix the vinegar in.. it is a different treatment. Always use paper towels to clean and a soft cotton cloth or towel to dry.

From Mr_Howto:

Brush on PVC gloss with a small paint brush or sponge. Pay special attention to any areas with heavy stain or scratches. This will make older window frames look like new. Then allow to dry. Once the PVC gloss is dry wipe away any excess that has transferred to the windows with a damp paper towel before it dries.