Security is a key issue for any homeowner. There are a number of dangers to the security of your house. One is from house breakers who forcifully enter your home and cause damage, another is from burglars who break in to steal your possessions and the third threat is from squatters who force their way into your home to take up illegal residence.

The most common way people illegally enter your house is through a window, often from the back of the house. Thus, it is essential to have windows that are secure and don't look vulnerable. uPVC windows fulfill this purpose better than timber frame windows. Whereas, with a timber frame it is often possible to get a pry bar between the frame and the window and force the window open it is much harder with a uPVC window frame. Timber has a habit of shrinking or warping under continued exposure to hot weather and wet weather which reduces the integrity of the window and allows it to be forced open. uPVC by contrast is impervious to extremes of weather and remains a solid obstacle to unwanted visitors.

Furthermore, uPVC windows normally come with multi point locking systems that lock a window securely. This is in contrast to old sash windows which often have no more than a single old fashioned screw lock. These old locks are much less effective than modern locking systems.

uPVC window locks

The lock on the left is the Chubb 8K 114 Hi Security lock and the lock on the right is made by Zhejiang Security Lock Co.,Ltd. Both are good examples of modern locks. It is not possible for burglars or house breakers to pick or force these locks open. These and similar locks are normally fitted as standard on new uPVC windows.

Finally, having uPVC double or triple glazing not only provides better insulation but it makes the window very strong and hard to break. It is easy to get a hammer or rock and break a single pane of glass held in place with a timber frame. The same cannot be said of double, triple or insulated glazing. The layers of glass are held firmly in place by the uPVC frame and are very difficult to break with a heavy and hard object.

For people who are often away from home or live in an area with lots of crime one of the best ways to rest assured your house is safe while you are away is to get modern uPVC windows with good multi point locks installed. This will greatly improve the security of your house and your valuables inside the house.