There is a considerable variety of window types found in people's houses. Thanks to the advances made in uPVC technology nearly all of them are now available in durable, secure and thermally efficient uPVC options. These styles include sash windows, bay or bow windows, French windows, stable doors, French doors and patio doors are now available in uPVC. With all these styles double and triple glazing options are usually available.

uPVC Sash Windows

uPVC sash windows

It is only recently that vertical uPVC window technology has become available to the general public. This new technology allows people to have uPVC sash windows. This has been a major breakthrough that will save families living in older buildings lots of money.

Many people in Europe live in old houses which have architectural value. In other words, their houses look good and often in keeping with the other houses in the same area. In this situation many people are reluctant or even prevented by local law from changing their window style. In particular bay and sash windows were popular in houses over 50 years old. Now it is possible to replace timber bay or sash windows with uPVC windows that look exactly the same.

uPVC sash and bay windows not only look like their timber counterparts but also are safer because the frame is harder to compromise and most uPVC windows have multi point locking systems that deter housebreakers. Furthermore, the frame and the window with a good r-value will save you money on energy bills because they have better insulation than traditional single pane sash or bay windows.

In terms of maintenance, it is worth changing from timber to uPVC windows. Typically, a sash or bay window which has a big surface area needs re-painting every 5 or so years. This is not the case with uPVC windows which need only a small amount of maintenance.

uPVC sash windows are quite a new development because sash windows are traditionally fairly complex windows often involving rope pulley systemsand a complicated frame. uPVC sash windows look exactly like timber sash windows but they function differently.Typically a new uPVC sash window has a function to tilt forwards. This added flexibility makes cleaning the sash window easier.

uPVC Bay or Bow Windows

uPVC bay window

Bay or bow windows stick out from the flat surface of a house wall. Originally they were designed to give more light to a room. As a result, a bay window is one of the most complex types of window available. While a bay window increases the amount of light entering a room it also increases the likelihood of loss of thermal energy through the extra window area. Thus, it is a good idea to double or triple glaze a bay window. The easiest and most effective framing for double or triple gazed bay windows is uPVC. A uPVC bay window with a high r-value will save householders considerably on annual heating costs because less heat is lost.

Because of the complexities involved in the installation of uPVC bay windows it is not advisable to try and install them yourself. Several reputable companies such as Dunster House insist that all orders are checked by an estimating team to make sure the order is correct.

French Doors and Patio Doors

uPVC French door

French doors and patio doors are ideal in uPVC. Timber has a tendency over time to expand because of high humidity and soaking up rain. This makes the door stiff to open and damages the paint work along the bottom of the door frame. uPVC neither expands nor shrinks over time and thus is the perfect material to use for high traffic doors. Furthermore, house breakers often prefer garden access to a house because it is away from the sight of the neighbours. Thus patio and French doors leading onto your garden need the added protection afforded by the uPVC window security locks.

uPVC Stable Doors

uPVC stable doors

A stable door is a door which is split into two. The top half is a window that opens, like with a stable door so a horse can stick its head out for feeding. This type of door is growing in popularity for backdoors because of its functionality. It allows instant access to outside. uPVC stable doors are ideal for stable doors because of their strength and continued smoothness of action. The window will continue to openly easily years after the door is installed. Dunster House supplies uPVC stable doors.