Advantages of uPVC Soffits

uPVC soffit

A soffit comes from the Latin, suffixus and refers to the underside of any construction element. See Wikipedia ( One of the most important soffit elements to a home is the underside of the roof where it overhangs the building. This is the space under the roof eave.

Typically the soffit under the roof eave can be from 2 or 3 inches in length to over 3 feet. It is normally attached to the rafters and the fascia board. It is important to get the soffit in this space looking regular and clean. A discoloured soffit can ruin the overall aesthetic of a house.

It is for this reason that vinyl siding or uPVC is recommended by many builders as the material from which to make soffits. uPVC soffits have a number of advantages:

1) uPVC soffits are cheap
2) They are light
3) They are easy to clean
4) They maintain their appearance and don’t fade or discolor in bad weather. uPVC is unaffected by bad weather.
5) uPVC soffits neither expand nor contract in changing humidity conditions. Thus, they never develop cracking or warping.
6) Vinyl soffits are easy to attach to a new build
7) Vinyl soffits can easily be cut to order.

If you have wooden soffits in your home that are beginning to look the worse for wear a good idea is to contact a local builder and get a quote for replacing the wood with vinyl. It is not a good idea to simply put vinyl siding soffit over existing wood as condensation will get trapped between the wood and uPVC and the wood will rot quicker. The same goes for aluminium siding. uPVC should be used instead of wood not a cover for wood.

If you are worried that uPVC soffits might not suit the style of your home, then take a look at a few homes. Because of the height of the soffit and the fact that they are often painted white it is hard to tell if the soffit is made of wood or uPVC.

So if you a building your own home or repairing / upgrading your home then I seriously recommend looking at uPVC soffits. They will add value to the home and won’t need constant repair and maintenance like wooden soffits. It is a small detail to a home, but an important one.