Veka uPVC Recycling

Veka is a major uPVC producer. They specialize in making high quality uPVC windows. They now have a factory in Thuringia in Eastern Germany that recycles unwanted uPVC windows. The factory covers 120,000 sq meters and is capable of recycling 30 tons of uPVC products per hour. They accept any product made from uPVC; not just windows. The process separates the glass, metal etc. from the product and then uses a closed material system to turn old and unwanted uPVC into new uPVC ready to be used to make high quality uPVC windows.

The philosophy of Veka is return, recycle, re-use. In keeping with this ethos they make a committment with every uPVC window sold to collect the window at the end of its life for recycling. As is in keeping with many German industries, Veka works closely with environmental scinetists to monitor the effects of its activities on the environment.

Placing the factory in Thuringia in Easter Germany was a mastersroke to help improve employment prospects in the area and also to recycle the vast amount of inferior uPVC products made during the Cold War when cheap and functional housing was the main concern, not quality.

Rather than have me explain the Veka process for recycling unwanted uPVC, it is easier to watch their YouTube video below.